BUSTED: The Rise and Fall of Art Schlichter

BUSTED: The Rise and Fall of Art Schlichter
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    BUSTED: The Rise and Fall of Art Schlichter
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    Art Schlichter once had it all.

    The most-heralded high school quarterback Ohio had ever seen, he evolved into an All-American and Heisman Trophy candidate. By the time he was finished as a Buckeye, Woody Hayes called him the best to ever play for Ohio State.

    He had fame, fortune, and matinee idol looks that made women swoon, but beneath his confident exterior, Schlichter's insecurities surfaced in a constant drive to gamble.

    By the time he reached his mid-30's, he had gambled away more than $1.5 million, his All-American image, his family, his self-respect, and his freedom.

    In BUSTED: The Rise and Fall of Art Schlichter, he reveals every detail of:

    • His father's desire to mold him into an idolized athlete who would win championships and make millions;
    • How Michigan's Bo Schembechler arranged a clandestine meeting to recruit him;
    • Living with the fateful interception that led to Woody Hayes' resignation;
    • The highs and lows of his Ohio State career, his frustration with Earle Bruce's conservative offense, and how he once unleashed a tirade at the Buckeyes' head coach and twice considered transferring;
    • The causes behind his complete failure as an NFL quarterback;
    • How he gambled to numb the self-inflicted pain until he contemplated suicide:
    • How he gambled away $120,000 in two days.
    With every page of this 22-chapter tell-all book, Schlichter takes the reader on a riveting roller coaster ride, from the unparalleled highs of being the Big Ten's Most Valuable Player and playing for a national championship in the Rose Bowl to the unbelievable lows of fighting to survive prison's solitary confinement.

    BUSTED is the candid, sometimes shocking, sometimes funny, yet appalling story of how a severe gambling addiction controlled the life of one of Ohio's greatest athletes.

    256 Pages
    7 X 10
    ISBN 978-1933197-678